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More About the Blue-Skinned Denizens of Agharta

By Michael Horn 2/3/2022

As more of Billy Meier’s information about UFOs is revealed, the shameless suppression by phony “experts” continues

With the recent release of Billy Meier’s previously unknown, and never-before-seen, information regarding the source of most of the worldwide UFO sightings, the Blue race with futuristic technology that dwells underground, and even the presence of travelers from earth’s future, it’s telling that none of the so-called UFO “experts”, groups, or big-mouthed disinformation spreaders, like Lue Elizondo or Chris Mellon, want to breathe a word about it, lest their profits and perceived positions disappear.

But so it goes in a country, and a world, that worships money and lies…and hates the truth.

More Regarding the Sons of the Sun

Tic Tac UFO Video & The Future Earth People

For those who’ve enjoyed the new video and want more information from Billy Meier on the Blue race underground, please see this, from Contact Report 39, 1975:


187. At the time of Henoch, the North Pole was situated differently than what is the case today.

188. Through cosmic influences and through an upset of the Earth, the North Pole at that time shifted far to the west.

189. The central point of the North Pole at that time is identical to present day Florida in America.

190. The Polar Regions at the time of Henoch were wondrous landscapes, filled with palms and other tropical vegetation.

191. You would say that it was paradise on Earth, for it had the most favorable climate of your world.

192. “Golden apples” flourished and ripened there; these are simply called “oranges” today.

193. In the timelessly young nature of Hyperborea, an uninterrupted summer prevailed, and it was also called “the land of timeless youth.”

194. The most delicious fruits thrived there, like nowhere else on the Earth.

195. The average annual temperature in the land of Hyperborea was 26.7 degrees of your measuring values, and the coldest season never sank below the value of 21.9 degrees of your current values.

196. Similar conditions can still be found today in the former Hyperborea, so in Florida.


That is fantastic! But can you tell me exactly where at the North Pole this Hyperborea lay?


197.It lay exactly where the land is still called “Greenland” today, whereby the actual North Pole of that time is not identical with today’s North Pole.


So Greenland; as far as I know, this means “grassland” in the German language.


198. That is so.

199. Tir nan Og lay there.


What is that?


200. Green Land and Land of Youth.

201. But at that time, it was today’s Florida.


So then Heracles, Gilgamesh, Henoch, Jmmanuel (falsely known as the imaginary “Jesus”), Amitabah, Methusalem and Noah and all others were up there and not in Florida?


202. In Hyperborea, in Florida, when it was still at the spot where today, the land still means grassland.

203. But Jmmanuel was not there because he was already in Florida, where it is to be found today.


Ah, of course, he did not live until much later. But in connection with the Hyperboreans, I still come to another question, namely about the legendary Agharta. Are you also oriented about this and can you give me more details about it?


204. You surprise me again and again.

205. How is the right name familiar to you?

206. To my knowledge, the humanity of Earth still lives in error regarding the name of Agharta.

207. In general, it is still erroneously called Agharti.


You forget that I was in India and in the Himalayas for a long time and also encountered the blue human beings.


208. That’s why.

209. I should know that.

210. Unfortunately, I cannot give you exhaustive information in an open form because certain things still have to remain confidential.

211. However, this much may be said, that in the vicinity of Shigatse and Shampulla is the underground realm of Agharta, the capital and center of distant descendants of extraterrestrials on the Earth.

212. This is the center of the actual secrets that hold a gigantic power in themselves.

213.This city is controlled by the race of the Sons of the Sun.

214. But unfortunately, a tendency toward earthly world domination also prevails with this race, just like with certain earthly religions and secret societies.

215. I may not explain anything else about it openly.(Just as Ptaah speaks his last words, an android approaches and says something in a language that is incomprehensible to me.

And there’s more, from Contact Report 6512016:


Thank you. I will take care of it. We have always talked about the so-called UFOs and the four groupings that just turn around in Earthly space with ‘unknown flying objects’. And to these four groupings belongs also the group of the ‘Earth-future ones’, which are however actually two groupings in themselves, as you already told me at the beginning of our contacts with private conversations. Your daughter Semjase, but also Quetzal and yourself talked about it, but it was never published in discussion reports, because it was always private. So it was not until more recent times, when you made certain observations and gained unambiguous insights and came to important evidence, that there was a halfway open discussion about it. I would now like to ask to what extent it is permitted to talk about this in an even more open way now, as well as with regard to the fact that the grouping of the ‘Earth-future ones’ actually corresponds to two groupings and why you call them so and only as one grouping, because they are actually two of them?


47. There is no real secrecy about this, because we have cautiously only vaguely talked about it because we lacked certain evidence, which we now have and which has provided us with good knowledge and caused us not to seek contact with either group in the future.

48. And we call these groupings ‘Earth-future ones’ because the one grouping is effectively Earth-future or exists in the distant future on Earth and comes through time bridges into the present time.


Excuse me, by time bridges you mean time-travel, as we say? In this case, the future Earth humans are those Earthlings of the distant Earthly time who already live on Earth in the distant future and who, through the possibility of their time travel technique with their various small and large futuristic flying machines, have been coming into Earthly present since time immemorial and also into our present today. However, this is also done by the other group ‘Earth-future ones’, which has its state in a certain underground area of Earth, has a general futuristic technology and therefore also very highly developed aircraft. These aircrafts, which I call so in your sense, are an Earthly-technical development for today, which is completely futuristic resp. progressive, innovative, progressive, trend-setting, ahead of the present time and therefore trend-setting etc.. With regard to this second grouping, which you also call ‘future Earth humans’, it must be said that these are not, however, descendants of extraterrestrials from the distant future of Earth, nor are they direct, but indirect, very distant descendants of extraterrestrials. These people live deep underground under Earth’s surface, and with their futuristic flying machines they also turn around in Earth’s airspace, as I already knew from Asket, because she had already initiated me in this regard in the 1950s, but she was … spoke. Also your daughter Semjase, Quetzal and you explained a lot to me, but you always said that I shouldn’t talk about it officially because it’s not the time yet. It is mainly this group of the future that makes a name for itself again and again, especially in the western world. And this happens very often, and interestingly enough most often in the western hemisphere, which we call the geographically conceived western hemisphere with this term, as a counterpart to the eastern hemisphere or hemisphere. If I remember correctly, the two imaginary hemispheres are separated by the 0° reference meridian at Greenwich and the so-called antimeridian at 180°. Accordingly, the areas west of London, West Africa and the entire regions of North and South America, Patagonia, Greenland and Canada belong to the western hemisphere, where most sightings of various small and large and even gigantic UFOs or futuristic flying objects of the ‘inner terrestrials’ appear. Especially the UFO appearances in Arizona, in Belgium and in England, which were probably traced back to these ‘Earth-future ones’, caused a huge sensation in the worldwide media. I would be interested to know why these ‘Earth-future ones’ are so frequent in the western hemisphere and still are today, because in the eastern hemisphere such futuristic aircraft or UFOs are observed less often, i.e. in the majority of Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, which are counted to the eastern hemisphere. It should also be said that, according to the so-called Monroe Doctrine of 1823, the western hemisphere is often equated with the ‘New World’ or with America and the neighbouring island states or politically delimited by the member states of NATO.


49. What you say is correct, and the reason why the inner terrestrial and also Earthly future ‘Earth-future ones’ operate especially in the western hemisphere is to be justified with this …, about which, however, silence is required.


But why, this is the question, do you call these inhabitants of Earth also ‘Earth-future ones’, of whom we have already spoken before and whom, with a few exceptions, you have always named only in this way, without giving an explanation? That is simply not clear to me, nor is it clear to me why you have never said anything more specific about it or defined the term exactly.


50. The reason for our name ‘Earth-future ones’ is based on the fact that the entire technology of the inhabitants of Earth’s interior state corresponds to a future Earthly technology, which will only find its beginning in the near future and also will only become reality in the distant future.

51. And the fact that we never talked about it in detail and made no statements was because you never asked about it in your restraint and always kept to observe and keep silent about our directives.

52. We greatly appreciated that, and besides, you have never been driven by curiosity in a way that could have embarrassed us about our directives.

53. And what we ever explained to you, including secret things, was always out of necessity, but we could always rely on you keeping the word to keep silent under all circumstances.


All right, we don’t have to talk about that, because you answered my question, so you don’t need it anymore. Then again a question: Are the three that I have in … I met, as well as the two in …, so relatives of this … what you call her by her real name? If so, then they live in the subterranean state structure in the area of …, but they also go under the people on Earth’s surface, but despite … remain unrecognized or are replaced by the surface Earth objects in … because they may know a lot about you.


54. That is also true, but there is a duty of secrecy about it, because our directives do not allow us to officially divulge our findings, because it would inevitably result in warlike and conquering actions.

55. This would be the case if predictably and inevitably certain power-hungry statesmen of certain countries, with their military forces and secret services etc., were to break into the underground state structure in order to protect the far-reaching futuristic technology of the … to get their hands on it.

The astute reader will notice, or has long realized, that Billy Meier very often asks the Plejaren questions that he already knows the answers to, which in itself may also raise other questions.

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Larry Driscoll compilation of Contact Reports pertaining to the various 4 groupings of UFOs ..

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